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Cafe Fitoor

Fitoor is the lovechild of obsession and necessity.

It is, in essence, life’s necessary evil.

It is habit, it is zeal, it is indulgence, it is being…

It gives life meaning.

And to those who tap its potential, it gives the satisfaction of having something to call their own.. That too, in a manner that can not be paralleled by much else in life…

Fitoor takes control of your mind.. Sometimes to an extent that it blindsides you to life’s vagaries…

But it is your Fitoor that will get you out of the mire whenever life has you on your back…

In life, having the right obsession never hurts.

So humour it.

Thrive with it.

Indulge in Fitoor.

– A.N.S.

Our Menu

Café Fitoor boasts of a menu featuring a wide range of cuisines for everyone to enjoy. Our menu includes fresh sandwiches, soups, salads, full entrees in Indian, Chineese, Italian, etc and several gourmet starters & appetizers in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.

We also have on offer a wide range of Fresh Juices and hand-crafted non-alcoholic Mocktails and Drinks.